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Easy AR-15 Upgrades

07.24.2023 | By Remington Contributor

The AR-15 is one of the most popular firearms in America –– and for good reason. It’s a modular platform that allows for endless customization and personalization. If you’re looking to take your AR-15 to the next level, here are some easy upgrades to consider.


How’s your trigger feel? Comfortable and smooth? Gritty and rough? Next time you’re at the range, concentrate on your trigger pull. A standard Mil-Spec trigger has a pull weight ranging from 5.5-8.5 pounds. Most aftermarket triggers have a pull weight of 3.5-4.5 pounds. Upgrading the trigger will create a more consistent pull that can improve your accuracy.


Are you using the best style of optic for your application? Well, it depends. Scopes are great for stationary targets at long range. A red dot optic or a reflex sight will fit the bill for moving targets like hog hunting. Pro Tip: Make sure your optic has a great warranty. That hunt or killer range day is going to end early when that $40 flea market red dot stops working.

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How is your grip? Adding a high-quality grip to your AR-15 can do wonders for your comfort and aim. Find a pistol grip that fits your hand and make sure it checks all the boxes: ergonomic, grip angle, size, texture, features like finger grooves, etc. Spend some time at your local gun shop and try out a few different grips and styles. Just like buying shoes it might take 3-4 pairs to find your right fit. This is a relatively affordable and easy upgrade you can make to your AR-15.

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There are hundreds of AR-15 accessories to choose from, but a handguard with accessory rails provides the perfect platform. Rails provide the ability to attach lights, vertical grips, bi-pods, slings, and more. A new handguard will allow you to accessorize your AR-15 to your preference.


A sling makes hiking to the next hunting spot much more comfortable. Hog hunters frequently use a sling to keep the AR-15 “at the ready” while loading a new magazine or checking a map.


Safe hearing levels are anything under 140 decibels. An AR-15 fired creates a sound of 165 decibels. Adding a suppressor can reduce noise by 20-30 decibels, as well as reduce recoil, which can improve accuracy. Just make sure you get a tax stamp for that can. If you’re buying a ready-made suppressor on an ATF Form 4 (This just means you’re purchasing a suppressor from an FFL dealer or manufacturer).

shooter looking down a rifle scope in front of a stack of tires
(Pictured: A suppressed AR-15)


Check with your local gun store to see if they offer an Armorers Course. You’ll learn to disassemble, assemble, how to properly clean your AR-15 (field strip and detail strip), and how to replace common wear parts. This knowledge will keep your AR-15 range ready.


If you want to shoot killer groups, use the best ammunition. Remington offers UMC for training, Premier Match for competition shoots, and Core-Lokt & Core-Lokt Tipped for hunting.

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