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Duck Hunting Gear

12.16.2022 | By Remington Contributor

Jon Lehman from MinnDak outdoors and Remington ambassador covers basic duck (and goose) hunting gear in 3 phases.

  • How to get there.
  • Get birds to you.
  • How to kill them.


After you put all the hard work into scouting, you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to get from point A to point B, whether you have to walk, take a kayak or launch a boat. After that, Jon suggests getting a good pair of waders. There are a ton of different types and price ranges, but in Jon’s experience, every wader is going to leak eventually. Start out with a cheaper pair and invest in a more expensive pair as your experience level increases. If your duck or goose hunt takes place in a field, feel free to just use a good pair of boots. Once you’re out in the field or water, you’ll need to get your gear to you. Utilize a sled, truck, kayak or boat.


Whether you’re hunting in a field or water, you’ll need to figure out your hide. Camo in the weeds? A layout blind or a-frame? Whichever you choose, use that to conceal yourself. Next up is decoys. Decoys are a big part of harvesting birds –– they need to see where you are. Floating, a mojo, or silhouettes. Show the birds where you’re at. The last thing you’ll need is a duck or goose call –– depending on your hunt. Pay attention to their patterns when you’re scouting. For best results, mimic their sounds (or silence).


You’ll need two basic items –– a shotgun and ammunition. Jon’s recommendations? Nitro Steel, Premier Bismuth, and Wingmaster HD. Gauges to utilize range from 12, 28 and 20. This is heavily dependent on your size and experience. Jon recommends smaller hunters and beginners start off with .410 Bore and moving up from there. Always remember to use the correct ammo in the correct shotgun.

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