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All-American Dream Hunts: Big Game

11.28.2022 | By Remington Contributor

Looking for a destination hunt, but don’t want to break the bank or travel overseas? Here are 5 dream hunts that take place right here in the lower 48 states. of America.

Maine Moose

Maine is well known for its lobster rolls and lighthouses, but the real gems are the monster bulls that occupy the land. Maine Moose are good for the freezer and the mantle; they can grow to be over 1,000 pounds and the bulls have an average antler spread of 38 – 50 inches. Paddles for days. The best part about choosing a Maine Moose hunt is the huge population, the odds of you going into the woods and not crossing paths with a bull are slim. In fact, the success rate for harvest in Maine is about 70 percent, and that’s if you D-I-Y it! You can chalk that up to Maine having the largest Moose population in the lower 48. Maybe it’s time to add a moose to their state flag…

For Laws & Rules around Maine Moose hunting, click here.

Arizona Elk

Deserts, cacti, and heat are what come to mind when we think Arizona, but what’s really hot about the state is the elk hunting. Typical or non-typical bulls, whatever your preference, Arizona is the place to be. For more than a decade, Arizona has retained the record for the most Boone and Crockett prize bull Elk entries. Of course, these are coveted prizes, and getting a tag for this state is difficult. So, if bagging a good-looking Arizona Bull Elk to feed your family (or an army) and snazz up your living room is your goal, hiring a guide service is the way to go.

For Arizona’s game laws, click here.

Illinois Whitetail Deer

If you want to bring home a dandy whitetail buck, there is no question that the Midwest is where you need to be. In terms of population, Illinois is the king of them all. The state is known for having a large population of bucks and had the most entries in Boone and Crockett for prize whitetail bucks five years in a row. Illinois is your best bet in bagging a buck in the Midwest –– and should certainly be on your American big game hunt bucket list.

For information on seasons, applications, and permits, click here.

Colorado Mule Deer

With beautiful mountain views and big game galore, you’d be hard pressed to find something not to love about Colorado big game hunt. Colorado is home to many sought after big game species, but when it comes to Mule Deer, the Rocky Mountains is a prime destination. Population numbers are estimated in the 400,000’s, giving you exceptional odds to harvest –– but don’t think it’ll be a walk in the park. The Rocky Mountain terrain is notoriously difficult for even the fittest to traverse, but the stories, meat and mount make it all worth it. If you want a chance at a prize Mule Deer Buck, Colorado is where you need to be.

For an all-encompassing guide to hunting big game in Colorado, click here.

Oregon Blacktail Deer

Looking for an exotic experience, but love native wildlife species? The blacktail deer is the whole package. Although they’re smaller than other species, the Blacktail Deer is a coveted prize in the west. Couple this once in a lifetime hunt with the beautiful state of Oregon and you’ve got a damn good hunting experience. If hunting a species that not many people even get to lay eyes on is your goal, then Oregon is your destination.

For a list of big game hunting species in Oregon, click here.

Pack your bags, hunters. It’s time to plan your greatest outdoor adventure to date.