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3 Off-Season Projects for Waterfowlers

2.21.2022 | by Remington Contributor

Two hunters with duck decoys

Clean Your Shotgun

A hunter is nothing without their duck gun, so taking the time to deep clean your shotgun is a great way to protect your investment. During season you may wipe your gun down or snake the barrel a couple of times before putting it back in the case, but during off season don’t forget to show your shotgun some love and give it a thorough deep clean! Grab your Sportsman Cleaning Kit and DIY it.

Be sure to check your owner’s manual before dismantling your firearm, no one wants to put their gun back together only to find a spring still left on the table. Using proper solvents is paramount –– add oil to your cleaning method only in moderation.

For a complete guide on shotgun cleaning, click here.

Practice Your Shooting Skills

There’s only one thing that is worse than not seeing a single duck while on a hunt; putting in all the pre-season work to have them commit to your spread but missing your shot. A great way to improve your wing shooting accuracy with a shotgun is to practice, practice, practice. There are gun clubs for skeet, trap, and sporting clays across the United States. Finding one near you might just be your key to success next waterfowl season.

Be sure to practice the shot situations that you’re most likely to see in the blind. Common sporting clay target you might see afield include:

  • Long Crossers / Looping crossers
  • Incomers / Dropping
  • Overhead
  • Chandelle Targets

Of course, if you find yourself in the great state of Arkansas, you might make a pit stop to the Remington Gun Club in Lonoke.

shooter aiming shotgun
Pictured: Shoot to Cure event at the Remington Gun Club

Upgrade Your Gear

There’s no time like the present to upgrade your gear. Offseason is the perfect opportunity to replace those leaky waders or get that new blind bag you’ve been eyeing. When selecting waders, it’s important to think about where you’ll be hunting next year. If flooded timber is your destination, then Bootfoot Waders are a must. No one want to lose a boot in the mud when you’re trekking. A nice blind pack can make or break a hunting experience so spending a little extra to get a durable, waterproof bag can make a world of difference. Small comforts are a great way to stay out longer to get those bag limits.

hunter wearing a vest full of shotshells

Looking For More?

Other projects to consider? Throw a fresh coat of paint on those decoys, look into mounting a shotgun camera to your barrel, learn a new duck recipe, practice the art of duck calling, plan next season’s hunting trips, or scout new land.

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