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16 Proven Ways To Ruin A Deer Hunt

11.28.2023 | By Remington Contributor

3 hunters kneeling beside a dead deer

We surveyed some well-seasoned deer hunters here in Lonoke, Arkansas for their worst experiences while on a deer hunt. Here are 16 practices to leave at home if you want your next hunt to be a successful one.

*Submissions are kept anonymous to ensure whatever dignity is left can remain intact.

  • Peeing in your empty water bottle and still having to go when the bottle is full
  • Alternate Pee Scenario: Forgetting your pee bottle in the tree stand, left to freeze, and now having a peesicle
  • The unfortunate squirrel that sneaks up behind you and you SWEAR it is a deer so you shot the furry guy. May he rest in peace…
  • True Story (undisclosed bad ending): When your buddy pins on your backtag on through too many layers of clothes and you desperately need to use the bathroom and can’t get your coveralls off
  • Flammable scent removal spray + smoking
  • Sitting next to the guy who douses himself in doe urine (See also: Not bathing)
  • Anybody sleeping in. We know you’re too hungover to hunt…
  • Or having too many adult beverages and falling into the campfire
  • If fellow hunters can hear you going to your stand/blind from a quarter mile away in my stand, you’re doing it very wrong
  • Forgetting the baby wipes (See also: Not bringing enough toilet paper)
  • Forgetting your rifle at home and/or forgetting your ammo in the truck. Never fails!
  • Accidentally setting off buckbomb off in your car
  • Accidentally setting off buckbomb off in your car
  • Poison ivy on your nature’s toilet paper
  • Showing up with 300 Weatherby shells when you brought the 300 Win Mag
  • Ham and beans for dinner providing you with a natural grunt call

These veteran buck slayers made these hunt-ruining (and sometimes traumatizing) mistakes so you don’t have to. Make sure you’re prepared for another freezer-filling season with our Deer Opener Prep Checklist. And don’t forget to pack the wet wipes…

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