Dustin Sanchez

Growing up in central Texas, Dustin built lasting shooting memories in the woods and at the range with family and friends. These memories were the foundation of his strong love of firearms and advocacy of the 2nd Amendment throughout his youth and today. 2012 saw Dustin’s first introduction to competitive shooting in the form of 3-Gun. Since then, he has competed in several shooting disciplines from USPSA to Steel Challenge to Tactical Shotgun. But his attention now belongs to long-range shooting, especially field matches and sniper challenges.

In late 2015, he joined JP Enterprises as a rifle tech, and his love for the AR platform developed even more. This passion and growth lead him to joining the JP Marketing Team a few short years later. From there, he soon found himself traveling the country shooting matches and representing Team JP across the US. Dustin began a new chapter in late 2020 as the Associate Product Manager & Marketing Manager of Real Avid, promoting tools for building, maintaining, and cleaning firearms.

This journey into competitive shooting has given Dustin extensive experience as a match director, stage designer, range officer, shooter, educator, and content creator across many shooting disciplines. During his career in the firearms industry, he’s had a hand in countless rifle builds, matches, shooter sponsorships and media of all kinds (not to mention a few side hustles). On any given weekend, you can catch Dustin on the range competing, educating, and enjoying the freedoms of the 2nd Amendment.


Dustin Sanchez looking down the scope of a rifle