Peters Premier Blue ammo packaging


Peters Blue is Back with new, yet traditional, paper hull shotshells. Tuned for the modern trap, skeet and sporting clay shooter, the paper hulls reduce felt recoil for a more enjoyable day at the range. Enjoy the sweet smell of paper…and victory. ​

Available for a limited time while supplies last.

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peters paper rendering
  1. Premier Lead Shot
    High antimony lead shot screened to produce uniform performance and clay busting accuracy
  2. Peters Paper Hull
    Shoot longer with less felt recoil. The sweet smell of victory
  3. Competition Wad
    Retro look, modern performance. Produces tight patterns downrange
  4. Primer/Propellant
    Carefully selected and paired to produce even ignition and consistent velocity
  5. All Brass Head
    For the utmost in reliability and reloadability