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Performance WheelGun 45 Colt

Part # 22338
  • Bullet Weight: 225
  • Muzzle Velocity: 830
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Warning for California Residents

Product Overview


Engineered to take your Revolver and Lever Rifle skills to the next level. Made with high-quality components and Remington Kleanbore priming that will not rust or corrode barrel. Available in traditional Revolver and Lever Rifle bullet styles for competitive and target shooting applications. For the legendary performance and quality that Wheelgun and Lever Rifle owners demand, Remington Performance WheelGun delivers in spades.

  • Made with high-quality components
  • Remington Kleanbore priming will not rust or corrode barrels
  • Available in traditional revolver and lever rifle bullet styles
  • For competitive and target shooting applications


Caliber 45 Colt
Bullet Weight 225
Muzzle Velocity 830
Bullet Style Lead Semi-Wadcutter
Package Quantity 50
Usage Target Shooting


Velocity in feet per second
Muzzle 25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
830 802 776 751 728
Energy in Foot Pounds
Muzzle 25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
344 321 301 282 265
Average Range
25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
-2.5 -8.6 -18.6
Height of bullet trajectory in inches above or below line of sight if zeroed at 25 yards. Sights 0.9 inches above bore line.