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Golden Saber Bonded

Match-Grade Accuracy

Formerly a law enforcement only product, Golden Saber Bonded is now available to the public. The ultimate load in defensive and tactical handgun ammunition, these rounds utilize exclusive technology to product match-grade accuracy and optimal terminal performance.

Improving on trusted Golden Saber, Golden Saber Bonded's reduced bullet nose diameter, optimized jacket thickness, and Remington bonded-bullet manufacturing process produces unmatched expansion, weight-retention and barrier-blind performance to keep you safe.

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Features & Benefits

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Lead core hot-bonded to brass jacket

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reduced bullet nose diameter for precise bore alignment & match-grade accuracy

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Exceptional weight retention & requires less energy to initiate expansion

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Loaded in the USA

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Optimal Self-Defense

This high-quality American-made ammunition is engineered for optimal everyday carry and self-defense.

The BJHP is hot-bonded to its dense lead core, providing superior weight retention and is loaded in nickel-plated brass cases for smoother cycling.

Feauring spiral cut serrations surrounging the hollow point to strategically weaken the jacket, terminal expansion is the end result. With a narrow nose profile, Golden Saber Bonded promotes ideal alignment within the bore, delivering consistent, reliable match-grade accuracy.

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