hunters carrying dead turkeys on their backs

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How to Scout Turkeys

04.03.2023 | By Remington Contributor

hunters scouting ahead while holding shotguns over their shoulders

From Adam Weis AKA Youtuber WhoTeeWho himself, “You’re never going to kill a turkey on land that has no turkey’s on it.” Time to get chasin’ the birds where they live. So, how can you find them? In today’s day and age, there are numerous ways to find those big feathery birds.

1. Talk to people you know that turkey hunt in your area. You might be surprised –– there are some friendly hunters out there that are willing to share their secrets and show you their hunting spots.

2. Go scouting. Drive the backroads and knock on doors to get permission to hunt that land. If landowners agree to let you hunt their land, always always always leave it better than the way you found it.

3. The internet is a great resource. Go to your state’s wildlife websites –– it will show you every piece of public land, whether it’s 5 acres or 5,000.

4. Another great option? Apps. Pull up your state on these apps and it will show you the nearest public land in your area, as well as bag limits, and other helpful information essential to your turkey hunt.

5. Talk to your local wildlife resource agency members. Their job is to take care of the wildlife habitat and record where people are reporting their tags.

6. Game cameras or trail cams (make sure they’re legal to use in your area) are a great resource to help you ensure you’re hunting in an area that does indeed have turkeys.

hunter carrying a dead turkey on her back

Time to pack up your gear and go get those gobblers. For more turkey hunting tips and videos from WhoTeeWho, visit

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