Model 710® Product Safety Warning And Recall Notice

Remington Arms Company, Inc. is voluntarily recalling a limited number of Model 710 bolt-action rifles as a result of its discovery, during routine test firing, that some Model 710 rifles manufactured between July and October 2002 may have been assembled with an improperly made "Safety Detent Spring." Although unlikely, there is a possibility that the manual safety arm mechanism in such a rifle could fail to fully return to the "safe" or "on" position.

If you own a Model 710 rifle please call the number below to determine if your firearm is affected.

WARNING: Use of a rifle with an improperly functioning safety could lead to an accidental discharge, resulting in personal injury, death or property damage. Owners of Model 710 rifles subject to this recall should not attempt to diagnose or repair their rifles themselves.

No other Model 710 rifles, or other models of Remington firearms, are subject to this recall.

Anyone who currently owns or possesses a Model 710 Rifle subject to this recall, or who purchased one and gave it or sold it to another party, should contact Remington immediately by calling 1-800-243-9700, or 1-336-548-8700, Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5PM EST. Remington will assist you in making arrangement to have your rifle inspected and/or repaired by a Remington Authorized Repair Center at no charge to you. To expedite repair program, Remington will send shipping tags to each customer and will cover all related shipping and repair charges. Please do not return your rifle to a Remington Authorized Repair Facility before contacting Remington on the toll-free hotline.

Remington apologizes for this inconvenience, but wants its customers to enjoy the shooting sports safely. It is important, therefore, that owners of Model 710 rifles subject to this recall participate in this program and do not use their rifles before they have been inspected and or repaired.

Safety and safe firearms handling is everyone’s responsibility.