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9.19.2022 | By Remington Contributor

Simply put, a clean handgun or rifle just performs better. Shotguns are no exception. Let’s give yours a bath before the next hunt.


With the shotgun pointed in a safe direction, ensure it is unloaded entirely. Check and check again. If it has a magazine, remove it. Once unloaded, lay the firearm on a cleaning mat. This will prevent an oils and solvents from damaging tables and other household furniture.


For a routine clean, tear down the shotgun to just its primary parts. And watch for those springs! Depending on the model of shotgun, removal of the barrel and other components may be necessary. Always check the manufacturer’s user manual for further instructions on disassembly.

Grab a gauge-specific brush, Rem® Action Cleaner, and a rag. Pro Tip: Bronze bristles work best, will resist corrosion, and will clean your bore without excessive abrasion. Use these tools to remove any debris within the trigger group, action, chamber, frame, bolt, and receiver. Allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes after being applied. Use your rag or Rem® Cloth to clean up excess.

Next, apply bore cleaner to a cleaning rod or bore cleaning rope and run it through the barrel. You may need to perform multiple passes to ensure a complete clean. Once complete, apply a light layer of lubrication like Rem® Oil to any metal-on-metal components (rails, bolt, guides, etc.). Not sure what to use? Aerosol cans cover larger areas, wipes are handy for field-stripping, squeeze bottles are great for small individual parts. Key areas to observe include action bars and bolt lugs where excessive wear can occur.


Spot clean where necessary. Take a fresh cloth and remove any residual oils while visually inspecting. For any shotgun with exterior wood components, polish is highly recommended. Double-check to make sure power residue has been eliminated. Now you’re ready to reassemble, hunt, and repeat.

For a complete disassembly and deep clean, refer to the graphic below for key focus areas.

Shotgun graphic showing which type of cleaning accessory to use on which part of the shotgun.

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