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9.19.2022 | By Remington Contributor

There are 2 categories for pistol ammo –– training and defensive. No matter what the application, every shooter surely needs a reliable load.


Heading to the range? You’ll want to select full metal jacket loads (FMJ) rather than jacketed hollow point (JHP), which are more suited for self-defense. FMJ loads are a more affordable basic round with a soft lead core within a shell of harder metal like brass or nickel-plating, perfect for target shooting and plinking. As a basic rule of thumb, usually the lighter the grain weight, the lesser the recoil. For example, with shorter barreled sub-compact 9MM handguns, you’ll have the best shooting experience with 115 and 124gr. projectile. Shooting a full size 9MM? Go with the 147gr. A micro-compact .380? Go with the 88gr. or 95gr..


When selecting personal defense ammo for your everyday carry, performance and reliability is top of mind. Jacketed hollow points (JHP) like Golden Saber® Bonded and Golden Saber® Defense Compact are designed using a hollow point projectile –– a negative space within the tip of the bullet that causes it to expand upon impact. This bullet style delivers deep penetration for ultimate stopping power out of shorter-barreled pistols and revolvers. The hollow point is designed to dump energy on the target and allows the projectile to slow down, ultimately decreasing the chances of over penetration – IE the bullet passing through the intended target. FMJ loads should not be used in self-defense or carry situations due to the risk of over penetration.


The end goal with sidearm cartridges is to quickly (and humanely) bring down a target in an unexpected situation. Trust that no one wants to run into a wild boar when you’re not on a boar hunt. You’ll need a larger caliber and a heavier load with more stopping power. Try High Terminal Performance (HTP™) hollow point in .357 Magnum, .45 AUTO, 10MM, or .44 Magnum that delivers ethical execution.


Find what works best for you and what you’re most comfortable with when it comes to shooting handguns, including calibers and ammo preferences. Always run a couple magazines through your pistol to ensure dependability and proper feeding, as some handguns can be ammo-picky. When in doubt, practice! Time spent mastering your handgun is never wasted.

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