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Get Range Day Ready: Handgun Gear

10.28.2022 | By Remington Contributor

Whether you’re goin’ hot at an outdoor gun club or emptying mags at an indoor range, your packs will likely look pretty similar. Keeping your gear well-stocked is essential for a successful day of plinking. Other than your favorite handgun(s), PCCs and plenty of FMJ ammo, here are the gear basics you’ll want to bring on your next trip to the range.

The Range Bag

If you’re like most of us, a little aromatherapy at the range is hard to beat, so investing a high-quality range bag is a must. Prepare for your pack to get used and abused –– look for durable and well-respected gear brands like Blackhawk, Orca Tactical®, Savior® Equipment and 5.11® Tactical. Material like Cordura® is ideal for its ruggedness. The size and style (i.e. duffle vs backpack) will come down to your personal preference and how you plan to use it.

Eyes & Ears

First and foremost, always protect your eyes and ears and follow your range’s safety rules. An inexpensive pair of earplugs or earmuffs will work just fine but if you’re looking for more comfortable gear for long, frequent days at the range with additional features like noise isolation or Bluetooth, check out brands like Walker’s, AXIL, Honeywell, 3M, and Surefire. If your ear pro is electronic, be sure to pack spare batteries (most of them take commonly found and inexpensive hearing aid batteries).

Outdoor Shooting Gear

Outdoor ranges reign supreme. If you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, you’ll need a few extra items in your range gear bag. Shooting steel? Bring some white spray paint so you have a fresh canvas after each box of ammo. Just make sure the range is cold and an RSO is nearby before stepping out past the firing line. Shooting paper? Bring plenty of targets and a stapler so you can secure your targets to the provided stands. Pro Tip: Pack sunscreen and a hat. Not all bays are covered, and it gets hot out there.

Fuel and First Aid

If you’re planning on spending more than a few hours at the range, don’t forget to pack life’s necessities, like snacks and water. Protein bars are always a good choice, as well as trail mix and jerky. And don’t forget that first-aid kit for things like slide bite or flying shrapnel. Few things are worse than being hungry and bleeding.

Keepin’ it Clean

It’s never a bad idea to bring a cleaning kit complete with bronze brushes, cleaning rods, patches, and solvents. Gun oil like RemOil and a chemical-resistant bench mat for a quick field strip and scrub down is also recommended.


Depending on your handgun(s) of choice (and how much fun you want to have), you may want to load up a red dot, threaded barrel, suppressor, or laser. Don’t forget any required mounting plates, accessory rails, and a multi-tool. Spare mags always come in handy as well. If you’re tracking your accuracy and groups, you may want to bring calipers or small ruler and a waterproof field notebook to write down measurements.

Oh Shoot!

That 45-minute one way drive to the range feels a lot longer when your firearm or gear malfunctions and you don’t have the right tools to for a quick fix. Gear like staples, cleaning supplies, an Allen key set, a small armorer’s tool kit and any specific tools for your specific firearms or optics will come in handy.


  • Range Bag
  • Eyes & Ears
  • Backup Batteries
  • Spray Paint
  • Stapler
  • Targets
  • Sun Protection
  • Snacks & Water
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Gun Oil
  • Bench Mat
  • Gun Accessories
  • Spare Mags
  • Multi-Tool

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