Overview of the Rem Oil Pro³ MSR

Rem Oil Pro³ MSR

REM Oil is the universally applied gun care product that everybody loves. Remington has been providing “Made in the USA” gun care products for over 100 years. And now our chemical team just made REM Oil products even better.

REM Oil Pro³ MSR (Pro “Cubed”) is the new premium gun care lubricant that provides lower wear, higher lubricity performance under stress and superior corrosion protection. It is available in multiple application options designed for ease of use and with convenience in mind. It is the new, technically superior, cutting edge chemical in Gun Care.

PRO-tects Against Corrosion
Rem Oil Pro³ MSR protects your firearm from harmful rust and corrosion up to 3x-5x longer than the competition

PRO-tects Against Friction
Rem Oil Pro³ MSR is formulated to offer premium performance and lubricity to keep actions working smoothly

PRO-tects Against Wear
Rem Oil Pro³ MSR protects both internal and external components from harmful metal to metal wear

  • Cleans dirt and grime from exposed metal surfaces while displacing non-visible moisture from metal pores
  • Pro³ MSR Offers up to 3x – 5x longer all weather protection than the competition
  • Specifically formulated to withstand the high pressure and high cycle environments of a semi or full auto firearm
  • Lubricates both internal & external surfaces
  • Each application leaves a thin protective film that offers premium performance and lubricity to reduce metal to metal wear and keep actions working smoothly


Rem Oil Pro³ MSR Specifications

Order No. Description Details Color Material MSRP
18917 COMING SOON - 2 oz. Bottle 0 47700 18917 8; QTY/CASE 6 -- -- --
18919 10 oz. Aerosol 0 47700 18919 2; QTY/CASE 6 -- -- --
Model 700 VTR
$93000 VIEW
Model 870 Wingmaster
$84700 VIEW