Los Angeles Police Department Continues to Choose Remington®

September 15 2011

Madison, NC – Remington Arms Company, LLC. is proud to announce that the Los Angeles Police Department again chose the Remington Model 870™ Police Magnum and Model 870 Police Marine Magnums as their department issued shotguns.

“We are excited and proud to supply LAPD its shotguns as we have continued to produce our police weapons to the highest standards in our custom police build area to insure the quality of our weapons going out to police departments across this great nation” said Rick Johnson, Director of Law enforcement sales.

With a roster of nearly 10,000 officers protecting and serving more than 4 million residents in an area covering approximately 500 square miles, the LAPD is one of our nation’s finest police forces. To help meet their demanding law enforcement challenges, the LAPD is ordering another 96 Model 870 Police Magnum shotguns. These unique shotguns have a special choke barrel only available in special build configurations of our most popular 18-inch, rifle-sighted barrels. Unique numbering for the agency is being provided at their request to track the number of shotguns purchased in any given year, as well as a unique number to the shotgun for agency issuing and tracking purposes.

For their officers assigned to water and harbor protection, the LAPD also ordered Remington Model 870 Police Marine Magnums. These models feature an Electroless Nickel Plate finish for long life in the harsh sea salt environment inherent to this assignment. The finish is also used on internal parts for protection of the operating parts. The LAPD’s unique property number system will be a part of these shotguns as well as the other duty shotguns.

Remington is the leading law enforcement shotgun manufacturer in the United States and has produced more than 10 million Model 870 shotguns. The Model 870 was introduced in 1950 and continues to be a staple of hunting, competition, recreational and law enforcement. It is considered by many to be the only shotgun a person need ever own. It is built with a solid steel receiver machined from an 8-pound block of ordinance steel. The dual action bars offer the most reliable operating system of any pump action shotgun.