Remington® Introduces the New Model 700™ Xtreme Hunting Rifle - Cutting Edge Looks, Legendary Performance

January 05 2009

Madison, N.C. – The Model 700 bolt-action has long been the preferred centerfire rifle of choice by small game, predator and trophy hunters alike. Today’s Model 700 rifles combine innovative technology and rugged exteriors while still delivering the legendary accuracy and reliability that the Model 700 has built its reputation upon since its introduction in 1962. The latest addition to our legendary family is the new Model 700 Xtreme Hunting Rifle (XHR™) – combining cutting-edge technology, performance and looks.

At the core of this rifle is the rigid Model 700 receiver, machined from a solid steel bar. This, combined with the famous “three-rings-of-steel” design which completely surrounds the cartridge head, makes the Model 700 one of the strongest and most accurate rifles available. With this solid construction and advanced design, the Model 700 has earned its reputation for out-of-the-box accuracy.

Setting the Model 700 XHR apart is its distinctive, patent-pending triangular contoured barrel. Remington introduced the Model 700 VTR in 2008 with this unique barrel design, and now has expanded the triangular fluting into a big-game hunting configuration.  We start with a magnum contour barrel for rigidity, enhanced accuracy and balance; then we reduce the weight with the triangular fluting. The result is a lighter weight barrel that maintains the rigidity of a traditional round barrel while promoting rapid heat dissipation. The XHR features hammer-forged 24-inch barrels on standard and belted magnums and a longer 26-inch barrel length on Remington Ultra Mag chamberings. Barrels are counter-bored at the muzzle for ultimate crown protection and have a durable black oxide finish.

The reliable Model 700 barreled action is then housed in a Remington synthetic stock camouflaged in Realtree® AP HD® and utilizing Hogue® rubberized, overmolded grip panels for more positive control when faced with inclement weather. And with our patented SuperCell™ Recoil Pad, recoil energy is harnessed and released by millions of “SuperCells” over a much longer time period, significantly reducing felt recoil. Hinged floorplate magazine, jeweled bolt and sling swivel studs complete the hardware on this hardcore hunting platform.

Further enhancing the performance of the Model 700 XHR is the new X-Mark Pro™ Adjustable trigger. The advanced design allows for consistent 3 ½ pound trigger pulls set directly from the factory. Should you feel the need; the trigger can be externally adjusted within a range of 2 pounds (3 to 5 pounds) with the included tool.

Rugged, dependable performance; leading-edge technology; and the innovative look of the Model 700 Xtreme Hunting Rifle, gives you the advantage.  Where you take it, is up to you!

Offerings for 2009 are as follows: 
Remington© Model 700 XHR
Model  700 XHR 
Action Bolt/Short, Long, Magnum  and Ultra Mag
BBL Length 24 inches
26 inches (Ultra Mag)
Overall Length 44 1/2 inches
46 1/2 inches (Ultra Mag)
Avg. Weight 7 lbs
7 1/8 lbs (Ultra Mag)
Stock Material Synthetic w/Overmold
Stock Finish  Realtree AP HD 
BBL Material  Carbon Steel 
BBL Finish  Blasted Black Oxide