Remington Taps Brian Marvin to Lead Global LE/Military Team - Also announces new Washington, DC, Military Affairs Office

MADISON, N.C. – Remington Arms Company, Inc., announced today that Brian Marvin, former President of Heckler & Koch (H&K) USA Defense, has accepted the newly-created position of Senior Vice President - US and International Military and Law Enforcement Markets. In his role at Remington, Marvin will oversee all Sales, Marketing and Customer Support of Domestic and International Law Enforcement and Military products and services.

In announcing Marvin’s addition to the management team, Scott Blackwell, Remington’s President - Global Sales, Marketing and Product Development commented, “The ability for us to acquire someone of Brian’s capabilities as a leader, with his knowledge of both the US and International Military and Law Enforcement markets, was a slam dunk.” Blackwell continued, “As we look to further grow Remington and our sister companies’ presence globally in Law Enforcement and Military markets and to further develop solutions that provide enhanced value to US soldiers, law enforcement officers and allies world wide, having someone with Brian’s background in small arms will help us greatly to penetrate new markets.”

Marvin, while serving as President of H&K’s US Defense group, was responsible for sales, marketing and distribution of products for the military, law enforcement and commercial markets. His other duties included global sales and marketing where he helped develop strategies and tactics to position the company in new international markets.

Following Blackwell’s statements, Marvin commented on his new role, “It is an honor to join a company with the rich heritage and historic impact that Remington has attained.” Continuing, Marvin said, “With the strong commitment and focused efforts of the highly-motivated Military, LE and DoD management teams already in place, we can provide our frontline fighters with ‘best-in-class’ firearms and ammunition products.”

In addition to Marvin’s hire, Remington announced the opening of its new Military Affairs Office based in Arlington, Virginia, which will serve as the headquarters for Remington’s Department of Defense (DoD) focused activities and efforts.

Blackwell commented, as well, on the opening of a centralized military-focused office, “As we continue to develop our vision to become more proactive within the Military markets, the need for a daily presence in our nation’s Capital became apparent. Having this office will allow us to be better prepared to respond to our various customers needs as well as provide timely support and information to our nation’s leaders in the area of small arms and ammunition.”

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