Remington® ShurShot™ Stock -"Delivering Rock-Solid Performance while Taming Down the Recoil"

Madison, N.C. - Today's deer, turkey and predator hunters are equipped with shotguns that bare slight resemblance to the traditional "scatterguns" of old. Evolving firearms and ammunition systems that have created super-accurate slug guns capable of taking bucks out to 150 yards, while tight-shooting shotguns have the capability to drop gobblers and coyotes at half a football field away. Remington's new ShurShot stock is loaded with design features that will allow the hunter to maximize the performance of their shotguns by providing rock-solid precision aiming with dramatically reduced felt recoil.

The ShurShot stock combines lightweight synthic construction with a Remington exclusive, ambidextrous thumbhole-style pistol grip with raised comb, perfect for use with optics or fixed sights. For 2008, ShurShot stocks are supplied with molded-in swivel studs and are available in black, Mossy Oak Obsession, Realtree® APG HD®, and Realtree Hardwoods HD® finishes.

Most ShurShot stocks are fit with Remington's new revolutionary SuperCell™ Recoil Pad. The SuperCell utilizes an interlocking matrix of millions of proprietary polyurethane "SuperCells" to harness and release energy over a much longer time period, resulting in dramatically reduced felt recoil when shooting hard-hitting big game loads.

Remington ShurShot stocks can be purchased at your local Remington dealer and will also be provided as standard equipment on six new models of firearms for 2008.