Reliable Model 870™ Express® Synthetic Available in Three Versatile Tactical Configurations with 7-Shot Capacity

Madison, N.C. – The Remington® Model 870 pump-action has long been the gold standard for tactical and home defense shotguns for their absolute reliability, dependability and ease of operation. Three highly functional and versatile platforms join our expansive line of tactical guns – two 12-gauge offerings, the Model 870 Express 7-Shot with Pistol Grip Stock and Fore-End; the Model 870 Express 7-Shot with Folding Stock; and a 20-gauge Model 870 Express 7-Shot with Knoxx® SpecOps™ Stock. These utility shotguns feature shorter 18-inch barrel lengths, tactical-style stock designs and 2-shot magazine extensions. (Note: These Model 870 Express 7-Shot specialty shotguns are exclusive firearm offerings available only from select wholesalers through independent Remington Premier dealers).

These durable shotguns starts with the proven, long-lasting Model 870 action which features twin-action bars and ultra-reliable feeding, extraction and ejection. The guns handle both 2 3/4 and 3-inch loads. A factory-installed, two-round magazine extension raises the magazine capacity to seven rounds and the 18-inch carbon steel, hammer-forged barrels are fast handling and deliver consistent patterns with the fixed cylinder bore (12-ga Folding Stock version has new Extended Tactical Rem® Choke tube). The solid steel, machined receiver and barrel are finished in a non-reflective, matte black finish with matching matte black finish on the brawny synthetic stocks and fore-ends. Target acquisition is fast with front single-bead sight or for ease of mounting optics, receivers are drilled and tapped. Rear sling swivel stud and front extension bracket stud are standard.

Model 870 Express 7-Shot Pistol Grip Stock and Fore-End – This magnum 12-gauge version features compact pistol grip stock and pistol grip fore-end allowing the shooter to effectively maneuver in tight spaces and when more flexibility is required. Positive, no-slip grip is assured with molded finger grooves and sling attachment is easy with the integrated rear and front extension bracket swivel studs. Suggested retail price: $452

Model 870 Express 7-Shot Folding Stock – For added versatility, this 12-gauge offering has a convenient folding stock that allows for full length or pistol-grip configurations. The Rem Choke barrel comes supplied with our new ported “Tactical” extended Rem Choke tube which helps reduced recoil,lessen muzzle rise and is designed for optimum performance with a wide range of ammunition options. Suggested retail price: $505

Model 870 Express 7-Shot Knoxx SpecOps Stock – With today’s choice of magnum-power self-defense loads, this 20-gauge pump-action delivers effective, knock-down performance in a lower-recoiling platform. The innovative design of the SpecOps stock provides instantaneous length of pull adjustment, up to four inches, and a patented recoil-compensating system contained in the pistol grip significantly reduces felt recoil. Less recoil allows for quicker follow-up shots as well as reducing shooter fatigue. Suggested retail price: $479

Offerings for 2008 are as follows:
Remington Model 870
Model  870 Express 7-Shot Pistol Grip Stock and Fore-end  870 Express 7-Shot Folding Stock  870 Express 7-Shot Knoxx SpecOps Stock
 Gauge  12 (3 inch)  12 (3 inch)  12 (3 inch)
 Mag. Capacity  6 (7-Shot total capacity)  6 (7-Shot total capacity)  6 (7-Shot total capacity)
 BBL Length  18 inches  18 inches  18 inches
 Barrel Type  Standard Contour Fixed Cylinder  Standard Contour Rem Choke (Tactical Ext)  Standard Contour Fixed Cylinder
 Sights  Single Bead  Single Bead  Single Bead
 Metal Finish  Matte Black  Matte Black  Matte Black
 Overall Length  29 inches  Adjustable  Adjustable
 Length of Pull  N/A  Adjustable  Adjustable
 Drop (Comb)  N/A  1 1/2 inches  1 1/2 inches
 Drop (Heel)  N/A  2 1/2 inches  2 1/2 inches
 Stock Material  Synthetic  Synthetic  Synthetic
 Stock Finish  Matte Black  Matte Black  Matte Black
 Avg. Weight

 7 lbs.

 7 1/4 lbs  7 1/2 lbs