Remington Wingmaster HD™ - "Predators Beware"

Madison, N.C. – You’ve done your part. The set-up looked great and your calling was as real as it gets. The wise old coyote appears in the thicket fifty yards out. He freezes; silhouetted behind some brush as his sixth sense kicks in, detecting something is wrong. You have mere seconds to react before he bolts for heavy cover. No ordinary ammunition will do in this situation.

New for 2007, Remington introduces Wingmaster HD shotshell ammunition specifically engineered for predator and varmint hunting. This heavy-hitting high density composition of tungsten, bronze and iron delivers a lethal payload of large #T shot with devastating down range performance. The increased energy of Wingmaster HD pellets provide superior penetration at ranges of 40-60 yards, and beyond.

The science behind the extreme lethality of Wingmaster HD lies within its optimal 12 grams/cc density and aerodynamically engineered round, smooth pellets. Every pellet is consistent in size and shape. These design characteristics are the reason Wingmaster HD predator loads outperform the competition and deliver dense, efficient long range patterns with no flyers.

Predator hunting is one of the fastest growing segments in the outdoors today. This new breed of dedicated hunters knows that their ammunition is the final link between success and failure. Shots can often be hard to come by in the predator game and superior performing ammunition is a must. Wingmaster HD definitely gives them the edge with “Drop-Dead Better™” performance.

Offerings for 2007 are as follows:
Remington®  Wingmaster HD™  Predator Loads
  Gauge  Shell Length  Velocity  Oz. Shot  Shot Size 
NEW  12 ga.  3"  1350 fps  1 1/2 oz. 
NEW  12 ga.  3 1/2"  1350 fps  1 5/8 oz.  T