2006 News

Ruffed Grouse Society Fundraiser to Feature the Parker® Gun AAHE 28-Gauge Offering by Remington

December 04, 2006

Madison, N.C. – The Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS), Inc., is pleased to announce a limited raffle drawing for a new Parker Gun AAHE 28-gauge side-by-side double barrel shotgun, commissioned to the Remington Arms Company, Inc. Only one thousand tickets, numbered 000 to 999, will be sold by RGS for a chance to win this exceptional firearm which retails for $49,000. The drawing will be held in conjunction with the Pennsylvania evening lottery drawing on April 14, 2007. Each ticket costs $100 and can be purchased by contacting the Ruffed Grouse Society at (412) 262-4044.

Competition-Ready Over & Unders Join Premier® Shotgun Offerings from Remington

October 17, 2006

Madison, N.C. – Since their debut at the 2006 SHOT Show, the Remington® Premier Over & Under line of target and field shotguns have rapidly made their mark in the competitive world of clay shooting and with wingshooters alike. Classic Italian craftsmanship, superior balance and sleek handling elevate these over & unders to a status of their own. Remington is pleased to expand this line of finely-crafted and well-designed break actions for 2007 with the addition of three new 12- gauge competition versions. The Premier STS® Competition with 32-inch barrel and Premier STS Competition Adjustable Comb with choice of 30 or 32-inch barrel lengths join the initial Premier STS Competition 12-gauge offering with 28 or 30-inch barrel.

Seven-Round Capacity Version of Model 870™ Express® Synthetic now Available in 20 Gauge

October 17, 2006

Madison, N.C. – If durability and reliability are critical features for your utility or personal shotgun, then the time-proven Model 870 Express Synthetic pump action should be your gun of choice. For 2007, Remington is adding an 18-inch barrel version with seven-round capacity of this popular shotgun in the softer-recoiling 20 gauge. This multi-purpose Model 870 Express Synthetic with 7-Round Capacity 20 gauge joins the 12 gauge version with seven-round capacity and Remington’s extensive line of Express pump action shotguns. Also new for 2007, the existing 12 gauge offering will feature factory installed sling swivel studs on the magazine clamp and on the stock as does the new 20 gauge version.

Remington Expands Successful Line of Innovative Genesis™ Muzzleloaders with Special Buckmasters® Edition and New Camo Offering

October 17, 2006

Madison, N.C. – Muzzleloading performance, reliability and accuracy were elevated to new levels with Remington’s introduction of the revolutionary Genesis Muzzleloader in 2006. With its innovative TorchCam™ action, super-hot 209 ignition and easy-to-use, easy-to-clean design, the Genesis family of .50 caliber rifles is like nothing in the blackpowder marketplace today. Joining the highly successful first-year offerings are the new Genesis ML Camo and the Genesis ML SF Buckmasters Edition. Also new for 2007 is an anti-friction Xylan® coating on the TorchCam action on all Genesis muzzleloaders. This high performance coating promotes smooth, effortless operation of the TorchCam as well as reducing fouling and making it easier to clean.

New Smoothbore Version of Model 572™ BDL™ Pump Action Rimfire Designed for .22 Shot Cartridges

October 17, 2006

Madison, N.C. – Rimfire rifles continue to be a favorite of sportsmen for their affordability, minimal recoil and broad applications. To meet your needs, Remington offers an extensive line of full-featured bolt, semi-automatic and pump action rimfire rifles and joining the line-up for 2007 is the smoothbore version of the classically-styled Model 572 BDL Smoothbore Fieldmaster® pump action in .22 LR. In this latest configuration, the Model 572 is specifically-designed for plinking and pest control at short ranges.