Model 1911 R1 - 200th Anniversary Limited Edition

To commemorate our 200th year as an American Gun Maker, we're producing a very special Limited Edition series of laser-engraved firearms and giving you the chance to own an exciting new part of Remington's storied history. Available through our Bicentennial year, a limited run of 2,016 classic Model 870, Model 1100, Model 700, Model 7600 and Model 1911 R1 firearms will feature a luxurious, sculpted 24 karat gold inlay portraying our founder, Eliphalet Remington, walking with his first forged barrel. Each is presented in a commemorative Bicentennial box with a historical Remington timeline and a certificate of authenticity.

Description: Semi-auto 1911 Handgun

Introduction Year: 2016

Year Discontinued: 2020

Total Production: N/A

Designer/Inventor: Research and Development

Caliber: 45 AUTO

Serial Number Blocks: N/A

Grades Offered: L.E. & C.E.

Owner's Manual