Model 10

Description: Remington's first pump-action six-shot repeating shotgun

Introduction Year: 1908

Year Discontinued: 1929

Total Production: Approximately: 275,600

Designer/Inventor: John D. Pederson with improvements by C.C. Loomis and R. Barger

Action Type: Pump Action Repeater

Caliber/Gauge: 12 Gauge Only

Serial Number Blocks: Starting: 001 – 275,600. Serial numbers were preceded by the letter "U"

Grades Offered:
No. 10A – "Standard" Grade
No. 10B – "Special" Grade
No. 10T – "Target" Grade
No. 10S – "Trap Special" Grade
No. 10C – "Trap" Grade
No. 10D – "Tournament" Grade
No. 10E – "Expert" Grade
No. 10F – "Premier" Grade
No. 10R – "Riot" Grade

Model 10 Trench Shotgun (World War 1)

Owner's Manual