When your vision for a custom firearm extends well beyond the blueprint, enlist our elite group of highly skilled craftsman to bring the dream to fruition. A Remington Custom Shop High Grade rifle, handgun or shotgun is anything you want it to be, and everything you’ve always wanted.

When placing your order, our craftsmen will discuss the High Grade options for your firearm of choice. Our in-house master engraver will work with you produce all desired patterns and degrees of coverage, from standard to full customization. Your stock can be crafted to any dimension and hand-checkered to your exact specifications. Choose from the world's finest selection of wood, all the way up to the most highly figured. We will finish and polish it by hand to match your desired sheen and colorization. Interested in an intricate design you’d like placed in 24 karat gold inlay? Nothing is out of reach. At Remington Custom Shop, precision engineering and artistry perfectly meld to exhibit guncraft in its highest form. Let’s get started on yours today.