June 28 2017

Choosing the proper foundation

You don't build a sports car on a sedan chassis, and you don’t build the Ultimate Sheep Rifle on just any old stock. With its carbon-fiber shell and super-light fill, the Manners EH8 offers the ultimate in strength, rigidity, and durability in an extremely lightweight package, tipping the scales at just over a pound and half. Aside from the weight savings gained through its materials, it isn’t weighed down with bells and whistles either. There’s no comb or LOP adjustment, no cheek piece, and very little palm swell. This is as sleek and minimalist as custom rifle stocks come—and its no-frills design is just what Jason Hairston was looking for.   

Made specifically for Remington Model 7 and 700 short actions, the EH8’s high cheek allows the hunter to keep his head high when using large-objective scopes, and its full-sized 9/16” pillars lend additional foundational strength. As for eye candy, the stock will feature a custom KUIU Vias pattern paintjob, applied by Scalpel Arms in Dallas, Texas.

The Sendero Light contour of the Proof Research barrel we're using in the rifle required us to remove some extra material from within the stock to accommodate the barreled action. However, an impeccable bedding job, performed by Custom Shop gunsmith Brian Smith, will further accurize the rifle and ensure that no amount of abuse will ever compromise its ability to place a bullet precisely where it needs to go.