July 17 2017

A few words on the cost of the rifle

We've noticed some recent concern about the price of the Ultimate Sheep Rifle, which we are happy to take a moment to address. 
It's important to remember that this is a custom rifle (not a production firearm) built to meet the specific requirements and goals laid out by KUIU founder Jason Hairston. Each and every decision that went into the construction of this rifle was made based on his years of experience hunting wild sheep throughout North America’s most rugged and unforgiving landscapes. Hairston worked with the Remington Custom Shop to build the Ultimate Sheep Rifle to meet his needs. 
This Custom Shop Model 700 Titanium “Ultimate Sheep Rifle” is not the most expensive rifle of its kind. The Gunwerks Carbon X retails for $7,150. Lane Precision’s Reaper lists at $6,250. Both are fine rifles with similar materials and components, but we would put the Ultimate Sheep Rifle up against either in terms of craftsmanship and performance any day.
It’s important to note that no expense was spared in choosing the componentry, as this project had zero price limitations. Only the finest and most cutting-edge parts available were used in the build. The carbon fiber-wrapped Proof Research barrel alone carries an almost four-figure price tag. The action is machined out of solid Titanium. The Manner's stock is nearly 100% carbon fiber. There are too many features to list here, but when you see and shoot this rifle in person, it is simply spectacular in every way. With that said, even the best materials and components in the world don’t mean a thing if they aren’t assembled by capable and qualified hands. Our valued gunsmiths in the Remington Custom Shop are among the most highly trained, highly skilled gun makers in the world. Through painstaking attention to detail and master craftsmanship, they were able to achieve an unrivaled level of accuracy and durability with this rifle given its 5lb 6oz total weight. Additionally, the aesthetics and fit-and-finish are without equal and can only be attained through precision engineering and gun making expertise. 
If you'd like to hunt with the rifle built to Jason Hairston’s demanding specs, we’d be honored to recreate this exact rifle for you. If your idea of the Ultimate Sheep Rifle (or any other species for that matter) differs from Hairston’s, that’s why we’re here. The Remington Custom Shop is willing and eager to work with anyone to build a custom firearm to his or her own specifications. Please email info@remingtoncustom.com or call 605-347-4686, and we’ll get started on building your dream gun today. 
Please know that Remington offers a wide variety of firearms to meet any needs and budget. If you’re looking for a 6.5 Creedmoor for a wide range of applications, check out the new Model 700 Magpul. Or, for an awesome value, there’s the Model 700 American Wilderness Rifle which we designed to endure the rigors of mountain hunting. 
At Remington we’re proud to offer firearms for every hunter and shooter. For you, that might be an offering from our extensive catalog or it might be a made-to-order, hand crafted precision firearm from the Custom Shop. Either way, we have you covered.