Model 7600™ Limited Edition .30-06 Anniversary

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You can't find a big-game rifle with a better combination of practical shooting features: twin action bars provide slick, smooth operation for rapid repeat shots; a quick-release, drop-out four-round magazine that loads and unloads instantly; and a free-floated barrel that matches the accuracy of the best bolt guns.

As a special production run of 500 guns for 2005, this Model 7600 rifle sports a blued receiver and barrel, a Select Maple stock and fore-end with satin finish, and special roll mark commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the legendary .30-06.

This limited edition Model 7600 rifles will only be available in limited quantities.

Please contact Grice Wholesale for ordering details.

Key Features:

MODEL 7600™
Caliber Barrel Length

Rate of Twist

Overall Length Avg. Wt. (lbs.) Order No. MSRP
.30-06 Sprg 22" 10" 42 5/8" 7 1/2 26355 $755

LOP: 13 3/8"; Drop at Comb: 1 3/16"; Drop at Heel: 2 1/4"

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