Model 870™ Express® ShurShot® Synthetic Fully Rifled Scope Combo

  • Overview


Its solid, dependable action makes it America’s favorite, and our continual upgrades make it the most advanced, well-rounded family of pump shotguns around. Along with continually evolving designs, this shotgun’s superiority is a matter of rugged dependability, great pointing characteristics and versatility. In fact, the Model 870 has been the standard for pump-action performance for almost 60 years.

With our Model 870 Express ShurShot Synthetic Fully Rifled Cantilever with Scope, the buck stops a lot farther out than you ever imagined.  It features the incredible stability and comfort of our ambidextrous ShurShot stock and a fully rifled barrel.  A 2-7x32mm scope is included.

Key Features:

  • 23” fully rifled barrel (12 ga.) or 18 1/2" (20 ga.) fully rifled barrel
  • Cantilever Scope Mount
  • Standard Express Finish on Barrel and Receiver  
  • Synthetic Stock with Integrated Sling Swivel Attachment   
  • ShurShot Synthetic Pistol Grip Stock
  • Includes 2-7x32mm scope