Model 11-87™ Sportsman® Super Magnum Mossy Oak® New Break-Up® Camo

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DSG Special Makeup


No matter the season, our Model 11-87 Sportsman answers the call with the lethal blend of speed, reliability and smooth operation that has made it a standout since its introduction.  These are workhorse shotguns are built to our legendary and uncompromising standards for autoloader performance.  It’s constructed with a solid-steel receiver and a super-smooth action for quick follow-up shots.  Now “sportsmanship” not only applies to how you hunt, but also to the dependable, slick-shooting companion you’re hunting with as well.

When it’s time to hunt, reach for the awesome speed, bone-crushing power, and swift pointing characteristics of the Model 11-87 Super Magnum.  Offered in specialized Mossy Oak New Break-Up camo from butt to bore and a 26" vent rib barrel with Modified RemChoke™ tube, these shotguns tame the biggest, baddest 3-1/2", 12-gauge rounds with a soft-shooting action and the ultra-shock-dissipating SuperCell™ recoil pad.  Along with world-renowned dependability, these shotguns are equipped with a wealth of specialized features for your game of choice.

* Mossy Oak is a registered trademark of Haas Outdoors, Inc.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with solid steel receiver for strength and durability
  • 26" vent rib barrel with Modified RemChoke™ tube
  • Fully camouflaged in Mossy Oak New Break-Up
  • Molded in rear sling swivel stud and front stud included in magazine cap
  • Smooth-operating action reduces wear and provides quick follow-up shots
  • Patented SuperCell™ recoil pad provides up to 54% reduction in felt recoil