Model 700™ XHR

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Model 700™ XHR


When our triangular barrel contour made its debut in varmint/target weight on the Model 700™ VTR, it was deemed one of the most innovative barrel designs conceived. We’re proud to unveil its big-game evolution, the Model 700 XHR (Xtreme Hunting Rifle), firmly seated atop the food chain with the renowned accuracy and supreme strength of our Model 700 action as its foundation. Pick it up, and the first thing you’ll notice is the impeccable balance. With a magnum contour barrel crafted in our patent-pending triangular formation, the rifle seems to point itself. This barrel design allows us to shave weight while maintaining the rigidity of a traditional round barrel. And the weight that remains is in all the right places. Plus, its surface area facilitates rapid cooling for more accurate followup shots. Not that you’ll need them. Like all new Model 700s, the XHR features our new externally adjustable X-Mark Pro® trigger system that comes set from the factory with 3 1/2 lbs. pull, and can be easily fine-tuned to your preference – by you.

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Its cutting-edge performance and looks don’t stop at the barrel. The Realtree® AP™ HD™ camo synthetic stock is equipped with patented Hogue overmolding accents at the grip and fore-end areas for comfort and a firm hold in adverse conditions. Then we added the world’s most effective recoil pad – SuperCell – that reduces rifle kick to a gentle push. The barrel and action are finished in durable satin black oxide. A hinged floorplate magazine and jeweled bolt round out the impressive list of features. Gain the ultimate lethal advantage with the new Model 700 XHR.

Key Features:

  • Patent-pending 24" or 26" triangular barrel in magnum contour
  • X-Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger system
  • Rugged synthetic stock in Realtree® AP™ HD™ camo
  • Hogue® overmolded accents on grip and fore-end
  • Extremely durable satin black oxide metal finish
  • Polished blue jeweled bolt
  • Hinged floorplate
  • Patented SuperCell™ recoil pad
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Full Specs
CaliberAverage Weight (lbs.)Barrel Length (in.)Overall Length (in.)TwistStatusNoteOrder #
243 Win 7.2524"41 5/8"9 1/8"Discontinued84400
25-06 Remington 7.524"42 1/2"10"Discontinued84401
270 Win 7.524"42 1/2"10"Discontinued84402
7mm-08 Remington 7.2524"41 5/8"9 1/4"Discontinued84403
30-06 Springfield 7.524"42 1/2"10"Discontinued84404
7mm Remington Mag 7.37524"44 1/2"9 1/4"Discontinued84405
300 Win Mag 7.37524"44 1/2"10"Discontinued84406
7mm Remington Ultra Mag 7.62526"46 1/2"9 1/2"Discontinued84407
300 Remington Ultra Mag 7.62526"46 1/2"10"Discontinued84408
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued
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