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Model 700™ Tactical Chassis

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Model 700 tactical chassis


Decades in the trenches with America’s military and law enforcement inspired us to craft the tactical rifles
you see here – unequaled in precision, reliability and versatility. Leading the charge for 2014, the Model 700™
Tactical Chassis. Equipped with a MDT TAC21™ Chassis, its lightweight, ergonomic design serves as a base
for easily adding components based on your desired function. The free-floating 24" or 26" barrels deliver
superior accuracy, while the Magpul® fully adjustable stock and pistol grip ensure shot-to-shot consistency for
any shooter or scenario. Featuring a stainless steel barreled action coated in black TriNyte,® the Model 700
XCR Tactical Long Range is the peak in extended-range accuracy. The Model 700 XCR Compact Tactical is a
highly maneuverable short-action version with a 20" barrel, while the Model 700 SPS Tactical offers rock-solid
precision in a fast-handling package. Both the Model 700 SPS Tactical Threaded Muzzle and Model 700
SPS Tactical AAC®-SD™ are adapted for silencers, flash hiders muzzle brakes and more. And the best family
features of our Model 700 tactical, target and varmint rifles come together in the Model 700 Target Tactical,
creating one world-class rifle. Tactical perfection. It runs in the family.

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Key Features:

  • MDT TAC21™ tactical chassis constructed out of aluminum anodized to Mil-Spec Type III, with a top full-length MIL-STN-1914 accessories mounting rail
  • Stainless steel barreled action with black cerakote finish
  • MAGPUL® MAG307 PRS fully adjustable stock and pistol grip
  • Target tactical bolt handle
  • AAC 51-T ratchet mount muzzle brake
  • X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger set at a crisp 3½ lbs.
  • Chambered in 308 Win or 300 Win Mag with 24" barrel; 338 Lapua Mag with 26" barrel, each with varmint profile
  • Ships in hard case
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Full Specs
CaliberAverage Weight (lbs.)Barrel Length (in.)Overall Length (in.)TwistStatusNoteOrder #
300 Win Mag 12.2524"4810"New84475
338 Lapua 12.526"50"10"New84477
308 Win 11.7524"46.2510"New84477
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued
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