Sportsman 58 Autoloading Shotgun

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Description: Remington's first gas operated, autoloading shotgun without the Browning-type recoiling action
Introduction Year: 1956
Year Discontinued: 1963
Total Production: 271,000 approx.
Designer/Inventor: L.R. Crittendon, Phillip R. Haskell, Ellis W. Hailston
Action Type: Gas operated, autoloading
Caliber/Gauge: 12, 16 and 20 gauge
Serial Number Blocks: 1,000 – 275,000
# of Grades Offered: ADL Deluxe
BDL Deluxe Special
D Tournament
F Premier
SA Skeet
SC Skeet Target
SD Skeet Tournament
SF Skeet Premier
TB Trap Special
Variations: Magnum
58 TX with Sun-grain maple stocks
58 SX with Sun-grain maple stocks
58RSS Rifled slug special