SP-10™ Magnum Autoloading Shotgun

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SP-10™ Magnum Autoloading Shotgun


Description: Gas-operated 10-gauge autoloading shotgun
Introduction Year: 1989
Year Discontinued: Currently in production
Total Production: N/A
Designer/Inventor: Remington Arms Company, Inc.
Action Type: Autoloading
Caliber/Gauge: 10-gauge
Serial Number Blocks: 1989 only: LE89****
1990 - Present: RM******

SP-10 Magnum (1989 - Present)

SP-10 Magnum Turkey Combo (1991 - 1994)

SP-10 Magnum Camo (1993 - Present) 
            Mossy Oak® Bottomland® (1993-1996)
            Mossy Oak® Break-Up® (1997 - 2004)
            Mossy Oak® Obsession® (2005 - Present)

SP-10 Magnum Camo NWTF 25th Anniversary (1998)

SP-10 Magnum Turkey Camo (1999 - 2001)

SP-10 Magnum Synthetic (2000-2004)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Critical components -- including the barrel, bolt assembly, and trigger plate assembly of the Remington Model SP-10 and other manufacturers' 10-gauge shotguns -- are not interchangeable.