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Offered to authorized shooting ranges only.
Remington® understands the importance of smooth and reliable gun functioning to shooters visiting their favorite range. That’s why we’ve added nickel-plated shell cases, a feature normally found in high-end product lines, in our new UMC® Target product. We’ve selected the most popular handgun cartridges in the most popular bullet weights, utilizing proven traditional metal case bullets for the ultimate in reliable feed and function.

Key Features:

Nickel-plated shell cases for smooth and reliable function
Offered in convenient 50-round and money-saving 250-round packaging
Available in the most popular handgun cartridges
Assembled using first-quality factory nickel-plated brass shell cases and clean-shooting Kleanbore® primers
Made in the USA
Full Specs
CaliberIndexModelWtOrder #
9mm Luger LN9MM2UMC_Target12424036
9mm Luger LN9MM3UMC_Target11524037
380 Auto LN380APUMC_Target9524041
38 Special LN38S11UMC_Target13024044
40 S&W LN40SW4UMC_Target16524046
40 S&W LN40SW3UMC_Target18024047
45 Auto LN45AP1UMC_Target18524049
45 Auto LN45AP4UMC_Target23024050
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued


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