Nitro-Steel™ High-Velocity

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Nitro-Steel™ High-Velocity


The Waterfowl hunter is up when they sleep, to go out into the cold, the wind and the wet, knowing the temperature may not climb above freezing. They hunker for woodies, sprigs, and greenheads amongst the reeds and farm ponds. Remington understands how you hunt, what you hunt, and what you expect from your equipment. That's why we offer superior craftsmanship in waterfowl shotshell ammunition.

Looking for premium performance without the premium price? Nitro-Steel™ delivers. Greater hull capacity means heavier charges and larger pellets, which makes these loads ideal for large waterfowl. Nitro-Steel™ delivers denser patterns for greater lethality and is zinc-plated to prevent corrosion. Available in a complete line of full payloads and high-velocity, Nitro-Steel™ is a luxury everyone can afford.

Key Features:

  • New high-velocity loadings
  • Greater hull capacity means heavier charges and larger pellets
  • Complete line for all waterfowl hunting situations
  • Zinc-plated to prevent corrosion
  • Wet Pruf™ sealed at primer and mouth
Full Specs
GaugeIndexModelLength (in.)Pellet CountVelocity (ft./sec.)Shot OunceShot SizeOrder #
10 NS10MTNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2012601 3/4T20423
10 NS10MCNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2012601 3/4BBB20425
10 NS10MBNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2012601 3/4BB20427
10 NS10M2Nitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2012601 3/4220431
12 NS12HVS2Nitro Steel High Velocity2 3/4013901 1/8220799
12 NS12HVS4Nitro Steel High Velocity2 3/4013901 1/8420803
12 NS12SBNitro Steel High Velocity2 3/4012751 1/4BB20650
12 NS12S2Nitro Steel High Velocity2 3/4012751 1/4220654
12 NS12S4Nitro Steel High Velocity2 3/4012751 1/4420658
12 NS12HVBNitro Steel High Velocity3015501 1/8BB20830
12 NS12HV2Nitro Steel High Velocity3015501 1/8220834
12 NS12HV4Nitro Steel High Velocity3015501 1/8420838
12 NS12MTNitro Steel High Velocity3014501 1/4T20790
12 NS12MCNitro Steel High Velocity3014501 1/4BBB20792
12 NS12MBNitro Steel High Velocity3014501 1/4BB20794
12 NS12M1Nitro Steel High Velocity3014501 1/4120796
12 NS12M2Nitro Steel High Velocity3014501 1/4220798
12 NS12M3Nitro Steel High Velocity3014501 1/4320800
12 NS12M4Nitro Steel High Velocity3014501 1/4420802
12 NS12HMTNitro Steel High Velocity3013001 3/8T20852
12 NS12HMCNitro Steel High Velocity3013001 3/8BBB20854
12 NS12HMBNitro Steel High Velocity3013001 3/8BB20856
12 NS12HM2Nitro Steel High Velocity3013001 3/8220860
12 NS12HM3Nitro Steel High Velocity3013001 3/8320862
12 NS12HM4Nitro Steel High Velocity3013001 3/8420864
12 NS1235HVTNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2015501 3/8T20893
12 NS1235HVCNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2015501 3/8BBB20895
12 NS1235HVBNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2015501 3/8BB20896
12 NS1235HV2Nitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2015501 3/8220899
12 NS1235TNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2013001 9/16T20882
12 NS1235CNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2013001 9/16BBB20884
12 NS1235BNitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2013001 9/16BB20886
12 NS12352Nitro Steel High Velocity3 1/2013001 9/16220888
16 NS16HV2Nitro Steel High Velocity2 3/40130015/16220941
16 NS16HV4Nitro Steel High Velocity2 3/40130015/16420943
20 NS20HVS2Nitro Steel High Velocity2 3/4014253/4220091
20 NS20HVS4Nitro Steel High Velocity2 3/4014253/4420093
20 NS20M2Nitro Steel High Velocity3013301220760
20 NS20M4Nitro Steel High Velocity3013301420764
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued