Nitro Pheasant™ Loads

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Nitro Pheasant Loads


For the broadest selection in game-specific Upland shotshells, Remington Upland Loads are the perfect choice. The hunter's choice for a wide variety of game-bird applications, available from 12-gauge to .410 bore, with shot size options ranging from BB's all the way down to 9s - suitable for everything from quail to farm predators. Long considered to be some of the best-balanced, best-patterning upland field loads available, our family of shotshells offer great selections for upland bird hunting.

For pattern, energy, and performance, nothing beats Nitro Pheasant. The best of our pheasant load offerings, Nitro Pheasant uses Remington's own Copper-Lokt® copper-plated lead shot with high antimony content, the hardest lead we make for hunting. Hard shot stays rounder for truer flight, tighter patterns, and greater penetration. Available in both high-velocity and magnum loadings in either 12- or 20-gauge, Nitro Pheasant Loads will give you the maximum pattern density and lethal energy needed to bring down these tough birds.

Full Specs
GaugeIndexModelLength (in.)Pellet CountVelocity (ft./sec.)Shot OunceShot SizeOrder #
12 NP124Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4014001 1/4428620
12 NP125Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4014001 1/4528622
12 NP126Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4014001 1/4628624
12 NP12M4Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4013001 3/8428632
12 NP12M5Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4013001 3/8528634
12 NP12M6Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4013001 3/8628636
12 NP12HV4Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4014501 3/8428689
12 NP12HV5Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4014501 3/8528691
12 NP12HV6Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4014501 3/8628693
12 NP12HM4Nitro Pheasant Loads3013501 5/8428678
12 NP12HM5Nitro Pheasant Loads3013501 5/8528680
20 NP205Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4013001528646
20 NP206Nitro Pheasant Loads2 3/4013001628648
20 NP20M5Nitro Pheasant Loads3011851 1/4528651
20 NP20M6Nitro Pheasant Loads3011851 1/4628653
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued