Premier® Copper Solid™ Sabot Slugs

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Remington Premier Copper Solid Slug


A close examination of the big game record books quickly reveals one strikingly consistent fact; the overwhelming majority of trophy book whitetails are found in slug-only states. Why stake your hunt on inferior shotgun slugs? When the buck of a lifetime steps out at 150 yards, go ahead and squeeze the trigger!

Since the advent of the deer slug, hunters have been looking for ways to reduce the felt recoil of these heavy-hitting, highly effective loads. Building from the successful enhancements of the 12-gauge Copper Solid Sabot Slug Remington introduces a new 20-gauge load.

Coupling the angled petal score design of the Copper Solid Muzzleloader bullet with the ballistic coefficient of a deep penetrating slug round, the 12 and 20-gauge Copper Solid Sabot Slugs deliver maximum performance: 100-percent weight retention, 2X controlled expansion and super accuracy.

Accuracy is exceptional, producing groups of 2 ½ inches or less from Remington's fully-rifled slug barrels. The result is the most effective game-dropping performance of any known deer slug.

Now available for 20-gauge shooters, the recoil often experienced in heavier 12-gauge loads will be noticeably less. Less recoil means more confidence, and with the 20-gauge Copper Solid Sabot Slug's terminal performance, that means more game.

Full Specs
GaugeIndexModelLength (in.)Pellet CountVelocity (ft./sec.)Shot OunceShot SizeOrder #
12 PR12CSPremier Copper Solid Sabot Slug2 3/40145020716
12 PR12MCSPremier Copper Solid Sabot Slug30155020718
20 PR20CSPremier Copper Solid Sabot Slug2 3/40150020824
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued