Remington® Golden Bullet

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Remington® Golden Bullet


Prairie dogs. Tin cans. Or a bulls-eye. No matter what you put in your sights, Remington® offers the perfect 22 rimfire ammunition for any occasion. Remington rimfire ammunition delivers the quality you expect. That’s because we put the same level of care into making our rimfire ammunition as we do our centerfire ammunition, so you’ll get the maximum performance from every shot.

Whether it's getting young shooters started, practice plinking, small-game hunting or keeping match shooters scoring high, Remington's rimfire quality stands tall. As in our centerfire ammo, we put the maximum level of quality into our .22s so you can get the maximum performance out of them.

Full Specs
CaliberIndexModelWtOrder #
22 Short 1000+Remington Golden Bullet2921001
22 Short 1022Remington Golden Bullet2921000
22 Long Rifle 1500+Remington Golden Bullet4021276
22 Long Rifle 1522Remington Golden Bullet4021006
22 Long Rifle 1622Remington Golden Bullet3621008
22 Long Rifle 1600+Remington Golden Bullet3621278
22 Long Rifle 1622C++Remington Golden Bullet3621250
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued