Premier® Core-Lokt® Ultra Bonded®

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Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded


Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded is a bullet in a class of its own. Developed and designed by Remington’s industry-leading R&D staff, and manufactured to our exacting process standards, Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded offers hunters the unique combination of excellent accuracy, superb weight retention and expansion with overall superior terminal results. The bonded bullet retains up to 95% of its original weight with maximum penetration and energy transfer. Featuring a progressively tapered jacket design, the Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded bullet initiates and controls expansion nearly 2x. The unique design of the bullet combined with the bonded lead core provides the hunter with a Premier bullet that yields unmatched performance from 50 yards to 500 yards and all yardages in-between. Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded — the new standard in high-performance hunting bullets.

Full Specs
CaliberIndexBullet TypePrimer NumberWeightMuzzle VelocityOrder #
7mm Remington SA Ultra Mag PR7SM1Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2 M140317527874
7mm Rem Ultra Mag (Power Level III) PR7UM1Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2 M140342527918
300 Ultra Mag PR300UM4Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2M180325027948
300 Remington Short Action Ultra mag PR300SM1Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2M150320027952
223 Remington PRC223R4Ultra Bonded PSP7 1/262310028918
243 Win. PRC243WCUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2100296028922
25-06 Remington PRC2506RAUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2115300028926
260 Remington PRC260RBUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2140275028936
270 Win. PRC270WBUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2140292528954
7mm Rem Magnum PRC7MMRAUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2 M140317528978
7mm Rem Magnum PRC7MMRCUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2 M160295028980
7mm Remington SA Ultra Mag PR7SM4Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2 M160296028984
30-06 Springfield PRC3006CUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2180270029004
30-06 Springfield PRC3006AUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2150291029006
30-06 Springfield PRC3006BUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2168280029008
300 Rem Ultra Mag (Power Level II) PR300UM2-P2Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2M180298029014
7mm Rem Ultra Mag (Power Level II) PR7UM2-P2Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2 M160295029018
300 Win Mag PRC300WCUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2M180296029032
300 Win Mag PRC300WAUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2M150329029034
300 Remington Short Action Ultra mag PR300SM4Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2M180296029040
338 Win. Mag. PRC338WAUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2M225278029060
308 Win. PRC308WCUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2180262029116
308 Win. PRC308WAUltra Bonded PSP9 1/2150282029118
6.8mm Rem. SPC PRC68R4Ultra Bonded PSP9 1/2115262529128
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued


Core-Lokt® Ultra Bonded® Expands Reliably at all Reasonable Hunting Distances 

50 yards

100 yards

200 yards

300 yards

400 yards


30-06 SPRG, 150-GR.
Premier® Core-Lokt® Ultra Bonded,
5 shots, .6", 100 yards