Premier® Copper-Solid

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Prem Copper Solid


For 2009, Big Green is proud to launch a truly superior bullet design onto the lead-free scene. While our new Copper Solid® complies with non-toxic regulations, it dispatches big game with lightning authority in any neck of the woods. It delivers extremely deep penetration with nearly 100% weight retention and has a sleek ogive profile with a polymer tip and boat tail base that gives it outstanding flight characteristics. In fact, it’s one of the finest extended-range lead-free hunting bullets we’ve ever offered due to its extremely high ballistic coefficient. At impact, the polymer tip acts as a wedge, plowing through a built-in expansion chamber and initiating a mushroom that’s consistently 1.8x bullet diameter – creating a large terminal wound channel from close range to the farthest reaches of your shooting ability. For the pinnacle of shot-to-shot consistency, these rounds are loaded using our industryleading manufacturing processes and Remington Premier Gold Box® components.

Full Specs
CaliberIndexBullet TypePrimer NumberWeightMuzzle VelocityOrder #
243 Win. PCS243WBCopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9 1/280335027633
270 Win. PCS270WACopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9 1/2130306027653
7mm Rem Magnum PCS7MMACopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9 1/2140317527659
30-30 Win PSC3030WACopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9150222027667
30-06 Springfield PCS3006ACopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9 1/2150291027675
30-06 Springfield PCS3006BCopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9165280027678
300 Win Mag PCS300WACopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9 1/2150329027688
300 Remington Ultra Mag (Power Level III) PCS300UMBCopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9 1/2 M165326027692
300 Win Mag PCS300WBCopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9 1/2 M165326027693
308 Win. PCS308WACopper Solid Tipped Boat Tail9 1/2150282027696
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued