Premier® AccuTip™

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Premier AccuTip


It’s the most accurate, polymer-tipped big-game bullet available today. Along with match-grade precision, it delivers an unprecedented combination of laser-flat trajectory and devastating terminal performance. Accutip™ bullets expand quickly – producing an awesome level of transferred energy – to dispatch medium and big game with lightning authority. A thicker jacket and harder lead core regulate weight retention and optimize penetration. Make the switch and, trust us, big game won’t know what hit ‘em.

Full Specs
CaliberIndexBullet TypePrimer NumberWeightMuzzle VelocityOrder #
300 WSM PRA300WSMBAccuTip Boat Tail9 1/2M1803010
30 Remington AR PRA30RAR1AccuTip7 1/2125280029003
300 Rem Ultra Mag (Power Level I PRA300UM1-P1AccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2M150291029016
270 WSM PRA270WSMCBoat TailN/A150N/A29190
300 WSM PRA300WSMCAccuTip, Boat TailN/A180N/A29181
223 Remington PRA223RCAccuTip7 1/255324029192
243 Win. PRA243WAAccuTip9 1/295312029196
260 Remington PRA260RAAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2120289029198
270 Win. PRA270WAAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2130306029200
280 Remington PRA280RAAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2140300029202
7mm Rem Magnum PRA7MMRAAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2 M140317529204
7mm Rem Magnum PRA7MMRBAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2 M150311029206
30-06 Springfield PRA3006BAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2165280029210
300 Win Mag PRA300WCAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2M180296029212
308 Win. PRA308WBAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2165270029214
7mm-08 Remington PRA7M08RBAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2140286029216
30-06 Springfield PRA3006CAccuTip, Boat Tail9 1/2180272529226
30-06 Springfield PRA3006AAccutip, Boat Tail9 1/2150291029280
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued

30-06 SPRG., 150-GR.
Premier Accutip
5 shots, .4", 100 yards


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