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Premier A-Frame


The most reliable cross-membered bullet made today, Remington® Premier A-Frame centerfire ammunition is virtually custom-made for situations where there can be no compromise in ammunition quality, reliability, or performance.

Whether it's whitetails with a 270 Win, or Cape Buffalo with a 416 Remington Magnum, you want your first shot to do the job. That's why we load the dual-core A-Frame™ bullets, so that you can expect reliable expansion at long-range decreased velocities, but without over-expansion at short-range high velocities. The combination of A-Frame construction and proprietary bonding process produces extremely uniform, controlled expansion to 2x caliber with nearly 100% weight retention. All Premier A-Frame components receive multiple inspections: primers are pre-inspected five times for ignition reliability; each round is receiver-gauged, and cases are nickel-plated for precision feeding and extraction. You simply can't buy a better factory-loaded medium- to big-game ammunition.

Full Specs
CaliberIndexBullet TypePrimer NumberWeightMuzzle VelocityOrder #
300 Remington Ultra Mag Power Level III RS300UM2Swift A-Frame PSP9 1/2M200303227884
7mm STW RS7MSTWASwift A-Frame PSPN/A140N/A27886
8mm Rem. Magnum RS8MMRASwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2M200290027890
7mm Rem Magnum RS7MMASwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2 M160290027893
7mm Rem Magnum RS7MMASwift A-Frame PSPN/A160N/A27893
270 Win. RS270WASwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2140292527894
338 Win. Mag. RS338WASwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2M225278527901
7mm Rem Ultra Mag (Power Level III) PR7UM5Swift A-Frame PSP9 1/2 M175302527914
375 H&H Mag. RS375MASwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2M300252227917
300 Win Mag RS300WMBSwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2 M180296027921
300 Win Mag RS300WASwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2M200282527922
30-06 Springfield RS3006ASwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2180270027930
416 Rem. Magnum RS416RASwift A-Frame PSP9 1/2M400240027934
338 Remington Ultra mag PR338UM1Swift A-Frame PSP9 1/2M250286027940
375 Remington Ultra mag. PR375UM3Swift A-Frame PSP9 1/2M300276029342
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued


Premier A-Frame 7mm Bullet

A-Frame™ construction and bonding process produces controlled expansion and 2x caliber diameter with nearly 95% weight retention.

Premier A-Frame 8mm Bullet