HyperSonic Centerfire

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Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded


With hyper-charged velocities up to 200 fps faster than standard loads, HyperSonic® Centerfire delivers more than just laser-flat trajectories and higher downrange energies. It zips through hide, meat and bone with unrivaled devastation thanks to today's most advanced bonded bullet design, Core-Lokt® Ultra Bonded. Remington engineers started with a proprietary blend of propellants to achieve the boost in speed, then went to work to find the perfect lethal match, testing loads with every possible bullet design on ballistic gel, simulated bone, actual big-game carcasses and other mediums we can't reveal. When the smoke and the chunks cleared, the combination that dominated in terminal performance and accuracy is the one you see here. No other high-velocity load on the market can measure up, and you'll only get it from the R&D masterminds at Remington.

Full Specs
CaliberIndexBullet TypePrimer NumberWeightMuzzle VelocityOrder #
223 Remington PRH223R4HyperSonic Centerfire7 1/2623262
243 Win. PRH243WCHyperSonic Centerfire 9 1/21003010
270 Win. PRH270WBHyperSonic Centerfire 9 1/21402973
7mm Rem Magnum PHR7MMRCHyperSonic Centerfire 9 1/2 M1603002
30-06 Springfield PRH3006AHyperSonic Centerfire 9 1/21503035
30-06 Springfield PRH3006CHyperSonic Centerfire 9 1/21802832
300 Win Mag PRH300WCHyperSonic Centerfire 9 1/2 M1803122
308 Win. PRH308WAHyperSonic Centerfire 9 1/21502924
308 Win. PRH308WCHyperSonic Centerfire 9 1/21802681
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued