Rem Squeeg-E Handgun Cleaning System

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Squeeg-E Handgun


Remington's New Rem Squeeg-E Handgun Cleaning System is equipped with everything the avid handgun owner needs to carry their firearms into the field and clean them there or at home. The front compartment of the heavy-duty, water-resistant bag is packed with a complete Rem Squeeg-E rod-based handgun cleaning system that will eliminate the need for ineffective, messy patches, save you time cleaning and deliver superior performance. Bag holds two full-sized pistols in a soft, cushioned interior with slots that hold 10 magazines.

The kit contains .22, 9mm/.357/.38, 10mm/.40 and .44/.45 caliber Rem Squeeg-Es, matching bronze bore brushes, a 6" aluminum cleaning rod with handle and revolver brush adapter, a two-sided nylon bristle cleaning brush, a 1911 front bushing wrench, and brass pin punch. Along with the essential tools, a versatile neoprene mat protects your firearms and mags at the range, and absorbs chemicals to protect surfaces when cleaning. Bag complete with Remington industry leading chemicals, including a 1 oz. Rem Oil and .5 oz. Rem All In, a new water-based, high-performance all-in-one bore cleaner.

Key Features:

  • Handgun-specific Rem Squeeg-E sizes
  • Eliminates need for patches, reduces waste and saves on cleaning time
  • Rem All In offers high-performance on carbon, plastic, lead and copper fouling
  • All the essential tools in 8/32 universal threads
  • Machine-washable 12" x 10" Rem Pad protects firearms and surfaces
  • Heavy-duty bag holds and protects 2 handguns and 10 magazines
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