Remington Collection Vitural Art Museum

Bob Kuhn

Glorious, priceless, irreplaceable, and impossible to duplicate: These are just some of the terms that come to mind to describe the legacy of the Remington calendar.  These calendars featured six images, two months to a page by 1965; however, all six images were Kuhn’s work.  For any number of reasons, Bob Kuhn was the natural, logical choice for this assignment.  Kuhn’s bold, assured style soon made him one of America’s best-known outdoor illustrators highly sought after by not only by the magazine world but among New York city- based advertising agencies.  One of these agencies was BBD&O who had the Remington account and in the 1950’s Kuhn began producing illustrations for the various Remington product line.

By the 1960’s Kuhn was invited to work on a project with Jack Mitchell, Remington’s director of advertising and Rod Anderson the head of the company in Washington, Iowa.  The project was called Calendar Promotions Inc.  The project was a calendar, illustrated with original art that would be distributed to Remington dealers and personalized with the dealer’s name.  If any thing the 1966 calendar proved even more popular than expected and seeking to capitalize on this, Remington began issuing prints of Kuhn’s calendar art.