9th Commandment of Firearm Safety

Don't alter or modify your gun and have it serviced regularly.

Your firearm has been designed to operate according to certain factory specifications. You'll jeopardize your safety and that of others around you by attempting to alter its trigger, safety or other mechanisms. So never alter or modify your firearm in any way.

Like any mechanical device, a firearm is subject to wear. It must be maintained and periodically serviced to assure optimum safety and performance.

Don't allow anyone to service, repair or modify your Remington firearm unless they are a qualified Remington Service Facility. 


Proper cleaning and lubrication are also important to firearm maintenance and are necessary to assure accuracy, safety, and reliability. Before cleaning, always make sure that your gun is completely unloaded. And always clean the barrel from the chamber end to the muzzle when possible.

Make it a practice to clean your bore every time you're going to shoot. Be sure to clean your entire gun before and after long-term storage, and no less than once a year. It's also important to clean your gun whenever it's been exposed to adverse conditions such as rain, dirt, mud, snow, sleet or saltwater.

For safe and dependable operation of your firearm, all parts of your gun must be properly cleaned and lubricated. Periodically inspect the internal workings of your firearm to be sure they're clean and free of rust, unwanted dirt and debris.

Use recommended lubricants on your gun and do not over-lubricate. Excessive use of a non-recommended lubricant could adversely affect the function and safe operation of your firearm. Remember, you are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of your firearm. Failure to properly maintain your firearm can not only damage or ruin your firearm, it can expose you and others to unnecessary risks of personal injury or death.

Remington has a wide range of firearm care products and resources to help you get the best results cleaning your gun. Everything from solvents and lubricants to rods and patches. They're all available from your Remington dealer.

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