10th Commandment of Firearm Safety

Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of the firearm you are using.

Not all guns are alike. They have different mechanical characteristics that dictate how you should carry and handle them. Anyone who plans to use a firearm should first become totally familiar with the type of firearm it is and the safe handling procedures for loading, unloading, carrying, shooting and storing it.

Before you even unpack your new Remington firearm, read the instruction manual from cover to cover and familiarize yourself with the different component parts of the gun. Then read, understand and follow the ten commandments of safety.

Shoot Sober

There's one other rule that must be followed when handling firearms. In fact, respect for this rule is necessary in order to effectively practice the Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety. The rule is: SHOOT SOBER!

Alcohol, drugs and guns are a deadly combination. Never consume anything that would even mildly impair your judgment or physical coordination when you're using a firearm. A staggering percentage of the shooting accidents that occur every year involve alcohol or drugs. Be smart. Shoot sober and stay alive.

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