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Remington Shoot Ballistics Software

Knowing your ammunition's ballistic performance downrange is key to making successful shots on the range and in the field. Remington Shoot! allows you to analyze and understand a wide range of ballistics information for all currently available Remington factory centerfire loads. Perfect for hunters and target shooters who want to enhance their accuracy and performance, Remington Shoot! helps you visualize how different ammunition combinations and affect your ability to hit a target without having to interpret traditional ballistics tables.

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System Requirements: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Download File Size: 596 KB By selecting the caliber and specific Remington factory load, the program's target image indicates a bullet's impact downrange. You'll see the bullet's exact point of impact, even if it's off target. Remington Shoot! also generates powerful ballistic reports and graphs for computing range, velocity, energy, path, drop, drift, time of flight, and more. In addition, you can compare the performance of two different Remington loads, and graph the data side by side.

Find out the best settings for your favorite hunting loads. Pick your game, and Remington Shoot! will tell you where to set your sights. You can also see how different atmospheric conditions, such as slight changes to crosswind speed, humidity or altitude, affect downrange performance.

For shooters and reloaders who want a more customizable version of the software that includes hundreds of different factory loads, including pistol and revolver, download the complete version of Shoot! ballistics software and try it free for 14 days!

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NOTE: Remington Shoot! is licensed exclusively from Pinsoft Software. Download and installation is subject to the terms set forth by the Remington.com Terms of Use and the Pinsoft Software License Agreement.

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