Hypersonic Steel

The new 1,700-fps HyperSonic Steel,™ from Remington.®

Introducing the world’s fastest, hardest-hitting steel. With unprecedented velocity and the highest downrange pattern energies ever achieved, new Remington HyperSonic Steel takes lethality to new heights and lengths.
To a level of terminal performance where more birds drop with fewer shots, at the farthest reaches of your abilities. And only Remington has harnessed the wad technology to do it.

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Hypersonic Steel

Shortens lead by up to 11%.

Most ducks are missed from behind, but the unprecedented velocity of HyperSonic Steel compensates for this by reducing required lead by 8” at 40 yards (about a full body length) on a duck flying average speed. It puts more pellets in the head and neck for quicker kills and fewer misses – without changing the way you shoot. Remington Hypersonic Steel Advantage